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  Space Symposium 2019









2019 AMSATSA Space Symposium 16 March 2019

Exciting new venue

Premier Hotel Midrand 187 3rd Road, Halfway Gardens, Midrand,
Tel: +27 (0)10 161 0000 GPS Coordinates:-25.984198, 28.123751

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The theme of the conference is “Space Science with Amateur Radio”.

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Registered Delegates
Derek Moore V51DM
Deon Coetzee ZR1DX
Anton Janovsky ZR6AIC
Annette Jacobs ZR6D
Glen Bailey ZR6G
Jafran Valks ZR6JV
Tom van den Bon ZR6TG
Grant Dixon ZR6WFT
Una Karlsen ZS1UNA
Pi Delport ZS1XXX
Michael Boast ZS5BGV
Hans van de Groenendaal  ZS6AKV
Hennie Rheeder ZS6ALN
Marinus Brand ZS6BM
Paul Sterling ZS6BMF
Neville Busse ZS6BN
Robert van der Meulen ZS6BOB
Hannes Coetzee ZS6BZP
Hannes Scheepers ZS6EMS
Ettienne Scheepers ZS6ET
Frik Wolf ZS6FG
Graham Busse ZS6GL
Paul Roos ZS6HQ
Kevin Fraser ZS6KB
Leon Lessing ZS6LMG
Tarries Brink ZS6MNO
Nico Pretorius ZS6NMP
James Archibald ZS6NS
Ray Webber ZS6RSW
Alaistair Shudder ZS6S 
Louis de Wet ZS6SK
Thobile Koni ZS6TKO
Keith Laaks ZS6TW
Shane Bailey ZS6W
Brian Jacobs ZS6YZ
Josh Espach ZU6JOS
Nathan Busse ZU6X
Leon Steenkamp  
Linden Petzer  
Andrew Shudder  
Phillip Roux  
Maru Oosthuizen  
Phillip Briedenhann